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Dominikanski samostan PTUJ

Muzejski trg 1, 2250 Ptuj


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HISTORY Welcome to Dominican Monastery

Dominican Monastery
established In 1230

  • In 1230

    Methildis (†1253), the widow of Friedrich III of Ptuj, establishes the Dominican Monastery with the support of Archbishop of Salzburg Eberhard II.

  • In 1438

    Friedrich IX of Ptuj is buried at the monastery. His death was the end of an important, economically and militarily successful noble family, which was a generous and demanding patron of art.

  • In 1786

    The monastery is dissolved. The monastery and all its properties and assets are transferred to the religious fund, while the government transforms the monastery complex into an army hospital

  • In 1923

    A consortium buys the complex with the purpose of converting it into a silk mill.

  • In 1928

    The municipality buys the buildings, and turns them into a museum and apartments. The archaeological collections of the regional museum are on display at the complex until 2012, when renovation starts.

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